Managing Billing Issues in Your Docket Account

This document is a step-by-step guide to demonstrate how manage billing issues in Docket. If you still have questions or need additional support, please contact us via live chat at

Managing Billing Issues in Docket

Step 1: Open your Docket account and click Assets Billing Issues

Day Overage
Add to Invoice
Weight Overage
Missing Invoice

Adding Day Overage

Step 1: Click the Day Overage calendar icon to calculate the total number of “days over”

Step 2: Click the Add to Invoice dollar icon to add the total cost for days over to the invoice

Step 3: Depending on how you have your billing settings set up (invoices vs charges; or both), you will be prompted to either add to an existing invoice, create a new invoice, or add a charge for you to later invoice.

Adding Weight Overages

Step 1: Click the Weight Overage scale icon to calculate the total cost of the weight, per ton or pound over the allowable amount.

Step 2: Once the weight calculation is added up, the Add to Invoice dollar icon will appear to add the weight overage to the invoice or

This video will explain how to manage your billing issues in Docket account.
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