How to Integrate Samsara with Docket

This document is a step-by-step guide to demonstrate how to integrate Samsara with Docket. If you still have questions or need additional support, please contact us via live chat at


Step 1: Start on your Docket Account tab in the side bar.

Step one to integration: Account

Step 2: Click Settings Integrations. Find the Samsara card and press Enter API Key.

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Step 3: Once you have entered the Samsara API Key to connect the accounts. You will need to add your vehicles in. Click Vehicles in the side bar to add those in.

Step 3 to integration: Vehicles

Step 4: Click +New, fill out the vehicle information, and add in the Samsara Device Name to the vehicle. The name must match exactly what is in Samsara.

Step 4 to integration: Enter Samsara device name

Step 5: Once the Samsara Device Name has been added to the vehicle, head to the dispatch screen to assign the vehicle to a driver.

Step 5 to integration: Assign vehicle to a driver

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