Access Online Booking (DocketShop Step 1)

Because DocketShop is the easiest way to put your services, inventory, and availability in front of your potential customers, it’s important that it’s set up correctly. This ensures that your business is represented accurately and that your order intake workflows match for both online and offline orders.

In this article you’ll learn how to access DocketShop in your Docket account, get familiar with the DocketShop editor, and select your appearance settings.

This article is Step 1 in setting up both Basic and Premium DocketShop.If you haven't already reviewed Step 0, please click here.

Table of Contents:
Accessing DocketShop
Get Familiar with DocketShop Editor
Select Appearance Settings

Before You Start

Here are a few things to know before you continue:

  • You must have Admin or Office Staff permissions in order to set up DocketShop.
  • You must have a phone number in your Docket profile.
  • You must have at least one asset in your Docket account.
  • You must have at least one pricing template set up or your pricing matrix imported into your Docket account.
  • You must be set up with an online payment processor.
  • DocketShop is separate from a website and cannot be used without one. Docket provides website services if you don’t already have one. To learn more, click here!
  • If you’re on our Grow plan, you automatically get Basic DocketShop. If you’re on our Pro plan, you automatically get Premium DocketShop.

Please Note: It’s very important to add your assets and pricing templates or pricing matrix into Docket BEFORE having us activate your DocketShop subscription. 

DocketShop automatically pulls in your asset inventory and pricing ONCE when it’s first activated. Moving forward you’ll need to manually update your assets and pricing information, so make sure you have most of the work done beforehand!

Accessing DocketShop

To get to the DocketShop area in your Docket account, follow these steps:

  1. Click on Online Booking towards the top of your left-hand menu.

If you see the padlock icon to the right of your Online Booking tab (as shown in the above screenshot) and the Online Booking page only shows you the available subscriptions (as shown in the below screenshot), then your DocketShop subscription hasn’t been activated yet in your account.

Reach out to Support using the green chat button on the bottom right of this page so they can enable the DocketShop editor for you.

If you click into Online Booking with an active DocketShop subscription, you’ll see the DocketShop editor.

Because DocketShop is so customizable, there are a lot of tools available in the editor. This article will cover just the areas you’ll use to get set up.

Getting Familiar with the DocketShop Editor

The left side of the editor tool contains the main navigation areas of DocketShop: its general settings and appearance, the storefront workflow that customers will move through, your list of products, and more.

  • Settings and Appearance hold basic configuration options that allow some personalization of what DocketShop looks like. 
  • Storefronts holds the workflow a website visitor will progress through as they look through your inventory and schedule or request a job.
  • Products contains your inventory that’ll show as available to website visitors.
  • Orders shows every scheduled or requested job that comes through DocketShop from your website.
  • Promotions is where you can set up any sales you may occasionally offer throughout the year on your services.
  • Sessions shows detailed information for each time a website visitor abandons their cart workflow.
  • Website Scripts holds the code that is used to embed DocketShop in your website.

The middle section of the editor tool plus the toolbar at the top hold the main settings and options for whatever area you’ve clicked into. In the below screenshot we’re looking at the main settings and options for the Storefront area.

What the right side of the editor tool displays will depend on what main section you’re in. In the below screenshot we’re looking at a preview of our settings for the Storefront area.


The right side of the editor tool can also display more settings and more details about a particular function of DocketShop.

Selecting Your Appearance Settings

Clicking into the Appearance tab will give you some simple configuration options.

  1. Storefront Configuration Name will default to a generic numbered name for your DocketShop setup. You can change this if you’d like, but this is a system name; your website visitors won’t see it when they use the shopping cart feature.
  2. Displayed Company Name will automatically pull in your company name from the company profile section in your Docket account. You can change this if you’d like and it won’t change the name in the main profile section.
  3. Displayed Company Image will automatically pull in your logo from the company profile section in your Dockt account if you’ve uploaded an image. If you haven’t, then this area will be blank and you can upload your logo by clicking on the box.

  4. Fonts will be available if you have Premium DocketShop. You have the option to change the default font style that’s used for all the text within DocketShop so it matches your branding.
  5. Color Palette will be available if you have Premium DocketShop. You have the option to use up to three colors in DocketShop so it matches your branding.

  6. Colors will default to Docket blue upon activation, but you can change the defaults to match your branding, if desired. With Basic DocketShop you’re limited to a single primary color, but with Premium DocketShop you can have up to three different colors.

Step 2 in setting up DocketShop is to add or edit your available inventory. Click here to jump to the next article.


If you have any questions, please reach out to our Support team through the green chat widget on the bottom right of this page or by sending an email to!

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