Edit Online Booking Storefront (DocketShop Step 5)

What potential customers see in their online shopping cart experience and the workflows they’re asked to go through can make or break their decision to work with you. You want to make sure that the storefront properly reflects your business and brand while also acquiring the information you need in order to fulfill an order.

In this article you’ll be introduced to the storefront that potential customers will see on your website when using DocketShop as your online shopping cart.

This article is Step 5 in setting up both Basic and Premium DocketShop. If you haven’t already read Step 4, please click here.

Before You Start

Here are a few things to know before you continue:

  • You must have Admin or Office Staff permissions in order to set up DocketShop.
  • You must have a phone number in your Docket profile.
  • You must have at least one asset in your Docket account.
  • You must have at least one pricing template set up or your pricing matrix imported into your Docket account.
  • You must be set up with an online payment processor.
  • DocketShop is separate from a website and cannot be used without one. Docket provides website services if you don’t already have one. To learn more, click here!

Please Note: It’s very important to add your assets and pricing templates or pricing matrix into Docket BEFORE having us activate your DocketShop subscription. 

DocketShop automatically pulls in your asset inventory and pricing ONCE when it’s first activated. Moving forward you’ll need to manually update your assets and pricing information, so make sure you have most of the work done beforehand!

Access Your Storefront

To view your Storefront in DocketShop, click into Online Booking towards the top of your left-hand menu.

Once you’re in the DocketShop editor, you’ll always land in the Storefronts section by default.

If you’re in the middle of setting up DocketShop, your storefront will be Under Construction and the preview of what potential customers see will reflect that.

If DocketShop is already live on your website, your storefront status will show Storefront Live and the preview of what potential customers see will reflect that. 

If you need to change your Storefront’s status from Under Construction to Live or vice versa, just click on the status drop-down and select what status you need. The change will happen immediately.

If you have Basic DocketShop, you have access to one Storefront. If you have Premium DocketShop, you have access to as many Storefronts as you need.

When DocketShop is first activated, the first initial Storefront is automatically created in the editor tool. To create additional Storefronts, click the ‘+’ icon at the top next to the default title of ‘My Storefront’.

To quickly switch between different Storefronts, click on the name next to the ‘+’ icon to see a list of your Storefronts.

Storefront Settings 

Each Storefront has its own brief list of settings that give you some customization options around how each Storefront appears to your potential customers. 

To access the list for a specific Storefront, switch to the desired Storefront and then click into Settings to the right.

  1. Storefront Configuration Name defaults to ‘My Storefront’, but you can change this for your own organization purposes if you’re using multiple Storefronts. This name doesn’t appear anywhere outside of Docket.

  2. This is a second way to change your Storefront from Under Construction to Live or vice versa. You can also edit the Displayed Title and the Displayed Subtitle that appears to your potential customers if DocketShop is already set up on your website and you switch from Live to Under Construction.

  3. Allow Discount Codes is available to Premium DocketShop subscriptions as a way to offer sales or other promotions on products added to your online booking.
  4. Show Company Branding controls whether or not your logo appears on the various workflow pages within the shopping cart.

    We recommend showing your logo in your shopping cart for customer clarity.
  5. Breadcrumb Text Size controls how the Form Titles appear to your potential customers. We’ll talk about Form Titles in the next article (Step 6), but recommend leaving the size as ‘Small’.

  6. Show Icon in Invoice Preview controls whether or not the basket icon appears to the right of the workflow your potential customers see.

  7. Background Effects gives you an easy way to visually spice up your main shopping cart page. Your logo image will be multiplied and blurred behind the address lookup tool. (Because there’s no logo in our screenshot, the background effect defaults to using Docket’s logo.)

Don’t forget to click the blue save button at the top any time you make a change!

Step 6 in setting up DocketShop is to set up the actual Storefront workflow that potential customers will go through when using your shopping cart feature. Click here to jump to the next article.


If you have any questions, please reach out to our Support team through the green chat widget on the bottom right of this page or by sending an email to support@yourdocket.com!

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