Access Online Booking Workflow (DocketShop Step 6)

Offering an online shopping cart experience can have a big impact on increased sales and number of customers who want to work with your business. Because you and your team aren’t speaking directly to a potential customer during the online booking process, however, it’s very important to set up the workflow steps that the potential customer completes so you have all the necessary information.

In this article you’ll be introduced to the actual workflow steps that potential customers will complete on your website when using DocketShop as your online shopping cart.

This article is Step 6 (last step!) in setting up both Basic and Premium DocketShop. If you haven’t already read Step 5, please click here.

Table of Contents:
Access Your Storefront Workflow
Workflow Setup

Before You Start

Here are a few things to know before you continue:

  • You must have Admin or Office Staff permissions in order to set up DocketShop.
  • You must have a phone number in your Docket profile.
  • You must have at least one asset in your Docket account.
  • You must have at least one pricing template set up or your pricing matrix imported into your Docket account.
  • You must be set up with an online payment processor.
  • DocketShop is separate from a website and cannot be used without one. Docket provides website services if you don’t already have one. To learn more, click here!

Please Note: It’s very important to add your assets and pricing templates or pricing matrix into Docket BEFORE having us activate your DocketShop subscription. 

DocketShop automatically pulls in your asset inventory and pricing ONCE when it’s first activated. Moving forward you’ll need to manually update your assets and pricing information, so make sure you have most of the work done beforehand!

Access Your Storefront Workflow

To view your Storefront and its workflow in DocketShop, click into Online Booking towards the top of your left-hand menu.

Once you’re in the DocketShop editor, you’ll always land in the Storefronts section by default.

You’re also going to see the workflow editor by default when clicking into Online Booking.

Make sure the correct Storefront name is selected to the left before you begin using the workflow editor otherwise you’ll edit the wrong Storefront’s workflow.

Workflow Setup

Each Storefront has its own workflow in DocketShop. Think of the “Storefront” and its settings as what your potential customers will visually see on your website. The “workflow” associated with the Storefront determines what steps your potential customer must complete when using DocketShop on your website.

Clicking on one of the workflow step icons will take you to that step’s settings and a preview of what the page will look like.

When DocketShop is first activated in your Docket account there are 6 workflow steps that are automatically generated for your first Storefront.

  1. Service Address Lookup is the starting point for your potential customers in your online shopping cart.
  2. Product List shows your potential customers a list of the available products they can pick from to order online.
  3. Contact & Delivery is the step where your potential customers will input their contact information along with the day and time they want to schedule their selected product for.
  4. Terms and Agreement displays your terms and conditions to the potential customer and asks them to acknowledge your agreement.
  5. Payment Form will ask the potential customer to fill in their credit card information so your integrated payment processor can process the charge(s) for the product(s) they’ve selected.
  6. Order Confirmation displays a ‘thank you’ message to your new customer with their order details and any additional information you’d like to show them.

The blue ‘+’ icon between each workflow step allows you to add a new step to your workflow for this Storefront.

In order to finish setting up DocketShop, please review each of the workflow steps linked to below.

Online Booking Workflow: Service Address Lookup

Online Booking Workflow: Product List

Online Booking Workflow: Contact & Delivery

Online Booking Workflow: Terms and Agreement

Online Booking Workflow: Payment Form

Online Booking Workflow: Order Confirmation

If you have any questions, please reach out to our Support team through the green chat widget on the bottom right of this page or by sending an email to!

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