2/1/24 - On Demand Data Updates & Bug Fixes

The items mentioned below will be available on or after February 1st, 2024. To see these new features, please perform a hard refresh in your browser.

On Demand Data Re-Release

This week marks an exciting milestone for Docket with the re-release of our On Demand Data feature. We're thrilled to report that this update has led to substantial improvements in both performance and functionality across the app. A notable benefit for our largest customers is a significant reduction in app loading times, enhancing efficiency and user experience. Learn more about On Demand Data in Docket with this simple guide.

Despite our comprehensive testing efforts, a few unexpected challenges emerged following the release. Our team has been diligently addressing these issues as they arise, ensuring a seamless experience for you. We're grateful for your insightful reports and your patience during this time. Below are the details of the updates and fixes:

Bug Fixes

  • Enhanced Data Filtering
    • "Filtering by All Time" now includes data from the current day.
  • Client Reports Update
    • The Clients report now shows the date each client was created.
  • QuickBooks Sync Status
    • The QuickBooks Sync Status display issue has been resolved.
  • Hauler Mileage Accuracy
    • Haulers now show the correct mileage to each task.
  • Hauler Distance Sorting Revised
    • Updated sorting options for haulers:
      • Recent Closest to Furthest
      • Recent Connected Alphabetical
      • Recent Not Connected Alphabetical
  • Mobile Interface Adjustments
    • On mobile devices, invoice aggregate numbers are now positioned to the left to avoid overlap with the '+ Action' button.
  • Enhanced Paging with Filters
    • When filters are active, the number of paged results shown increases.
  • Invoice Page Improvements
    • Invoice aggregate numbers moved to the top of the invoices page.
    • Aggregate numbers recalculate based on active searches.
    • Total invoiced number now correctly excludes voided invoices.
  • Bug Fixes on Invoices Page
    • Resolved an issue where paid invoices were incorrectly displayed as unpaid.
    • Fixed an issue preventing interaction with table sort columns.
    • Addressed an issue where bulk actions were obscured by other elements.
    • Corrected routing issues.
  • Fixed an error that occurred when navigating from jobs to billing.
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