2/8/24 - Bug Fixes and Form Enhancements

The items mentioned below will be available on or after February 8th, 2024. To see these new features, please perform a hard refresh in your browser.

This week, we've rolled out several updates to enhance performance and address known issues. Here's what's new:

Bug Fixes

  • Invoice Assignment to Jobs: Fixed an issue where assigning invoices to jobs would result in a persistent loading wheel, streamlining the process.
  • Estimates Table Stability: Addressed rare issues within the Estimates Table to ensure smoother operation and reliability.
  • Hauler Acceptance Options: Resolved a problem where companies were given the option to mark a hauler as accepted/declined, even when not utilizing haulers in their operations.
  • Inactive/Deleted Clients in Scheduling: Fixed an issue where inactive or deleted clients were incorrectly displayed as options when scheduling tasks.
  • Service Tasks Pin Number Request: Fixed an issue where service tasks were incorrectly asking for Pin #'s, despite there being no pins for service tasks.
  • Sorting on Recurring Tab: Addressed issues with sorting functionalities on the Recurring tab to ensure more intuitive navigation and management.
  • this.props.updatePhone Function Error: Resolved a technical bug where this.props.updatePhone was incorrectly flagged as not a function, enhancing system stability.


  • Accounts Receivable Aging Improvements: We've made enhancements to improve the accuracy and usability of the Accounts Receivable Aging report.
  • Dumpster Task Scheduling Form: We've made improvements to the Dumpster Task Scheduling Form to enhance user experience and efficiency.
  • Rental Task Scheduling Form: Similar improvements have been applied to the Rental Task Scheduling Form, ensuring a more intuitive and seamless scheduling process.
  • Elastic Search for Leads: Implemented Elastic Search for the Leads section, significantly improving search capabilities and responsiveness.

  • Elastic Search for Charges: Elastic Search has also been applied to the Charges section, ensuring faster and more accurate search results.

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