3/1/24 - Enhanced Scheduling Visibility, Improved Payment Handling, and Bug Fixes

The items mentioned below will be available on or after March 1st, 2024. To see these new features, please perform a hard refresh in your browser.

We're thrilled to unveil Docket's newest features and fixes, focusing on clearer account management, streamlined payment processes, and crucial bug resolutions to optimize your operational efficiency. Here’s what’s new:


  • Enhanced Visibility for Accounts on Hold: When scheduling, it's now more obvious if a client's account is on hold, making it easier to manage and avoid scheduling issues.
  • Balance Threshold Warning: A new warning alerts you during scheduling if a client's balance exceeds a set limit, helping you stay on top of financial risks.
  • Account ID on Estimates and Invoices: If an account ID is available, it will now be included on estimates and invoices for easier tracking.
  • Improved Role Access Adjustments: Adjusting role access within Docket Admin has been made more intuitive, allowing for finer control over user permissions.
  • DocketPay Enhancements: We've improved the handling of pre-auth payments and bulk charges, including ACH and Card on File scenarios, making transactions smoother and more reliable.
  • Optimizations for Reports: The Dumpster Task Summary and Average Tons by Franchise reports have been optimized for better performance and insights.


  • Client Balance Discrepancies: We've fixed issues causing differences between client balances shown on the overview table and in the client details.
  • Clients Accounts Receivable Aging Report: This report now loads correctly, even over extended periods.
  • SMS Messaging for New Leads: New leads will now reliably receive SMS messages as intended.
  • Account Deactivation Timing: Accounts will now correctly deactivate after 7 days without payment, ensuring account status is accurately maintained.
  • Contractors Overview Clean-up: Deleted contractors are now properly removed from the Contractors overview page, keeping your lists accurate and up to date.
  • DocketShop Credit Card Expirations: Credit cards in DocketShop can now have expiration years set beyond 2028, avoiding unnecessary payment disruptions.
  • Product Effects in DocketShop: Fixed an issue where duplicating a product could corrupt its effects, ensuring product integrity.
  • Estimate Response By Field Accuracy: The Response By field on estimates now correctly reflects accurate information.
  • Hauler Task Availability Counts: Fixed an issue where hauler tasks were incorrectly affecting availability counts, improving schedule accuracy.
  • Charges for Disconnected Tasks: Resolved a problem where charges were being deleted for disconnected tasks, ensuring financial data remains intact.
  • Outdated Reports and Queries: Removed outdated v1 reports and expanded queries to include rejected campaigns, streamlining administrative tasks.
  • Employee Assignment in v2 Plans: Addressed a critical issue preventing employees from being added to jobs in v2 plans, improving workforce management.
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