3/25/24 - New Invoice Filters, Reporting Improvements, and Fixes

The items mentioned below will be available on or after March 21st, 2024. To see these new features, please perform a hard refresh in your browser.

New Invoice Filters

Navigate your invoices with ease using our new filter buttons. Quickly view invoices by:

  • Due Dates: Choose from Overdue, Current, or Both to manage your receivables more effectively.
  • Balance Status: Filter invoices as Unpaid, Paid, or Both, making it easier to track your cash flow.
  • Void Status: Select between Voided, Active, or Both to get a clear picture of your invoice history.
    QuickBooks Sync Status: Identify invoices with Failed, Successful, or Both sync statuses to QuickBooks, simplifying your accounting processes.
  • Sync State: Filter by Unsynced, Synced, or Both, ensuring your records are always up to date.

Client Page Tabs Renamed

For better clarity, we've renamed the "Names" & "Contact" tabs on the Clients page. Names tab has been changed to "Contact," while the Contact Tab has been changed to "Primary Contact." Rest assured, the functionality remains unchanged. Screenshot 2024-03-21 at 3.21.29 PM.png

Other Improvements:

  • Enhanced Pagination: Navigating through your records is now smoother, with fixes and improvements to pagination.
  • Reports Revamp: Financial reports now display on a cash or accrual basis, with added clarifying information and an updated Task Metrics report that includes additional data.
  • Google Analytics Integration: You can now send contact information directly to Google Analytics, offering you deeper insights into your customer interactions.

Bug Fixes

  • Customer Admin Reassignment: Fixed an issue to ensure smooth reassignment of administrative roles among customers.
  • Sales Tax Report Fix: Addressed inaccuracies in the sales tax report for more reliable tax calculation and reporting.
  • Samsara Integration Issue: Resolved integration problems with Samsara to ensure seamless data syncing and functionality.
  • CC Processing Fees Doubling: Corrected a bug that caused credit card processing fees to double, ensuring accurate fee calculation.
  • Filtering Options on Invoice Page Not Working: Fixed filtering issues on the invoice page, improving usability and efficiency.
  • Rental Tasks Ordered Through DocketShop Scheduled Incorrectly: Addressed scheduling issues for rental tasks ordered via DocketShop for better accuracy and customer satisfaction.
  • Disable Submit Button on CC Payment if Customer Toggles Off Processor Fees: Implemented a fix to disable the submit button when customers opt out of processor fees, preventing confusion and potential billing issues.
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