CloverConnect - Accessing Reports in CardPointe

Welcome to our knowledge base article, this article will go over how you can access all of the reports within CardPointe. 


CardPointe has a number of financial reports which are useful for your accounting team as you use more of Docket. The data in CardPointe is helpful as it is the ultimate record of truth for payment data.


CardPointe is the backend portal for your CloverConnect account. If you’re unsure, please refer to this guide on accessing Cardpointe.



How to Access Reports in CardPointe

  1. To start you’ll need to login to the CardPointe website. After logging in, the first screen you’ll see is the dashboard. The dashboard gives you an overview of recent transactions, as well as a monthly graph.


  1. From the dashboard click on the button at the top labeled Reporting





From here you will be able to see all of the different types of reports available such as: 

  • Transactions - Used to review individual transactions, issue refunds and make sure your books are up to date 
  • Gateway Batches - Batches are the daily deposits made into your bank account. Use this report to understand which transactions are part of which batch
  • Funding - This has very similar information to the Gateway Batches report, but specifically lists the deposits into your bank account. This is due to transactions not depositing during the weekend. Your Monday deposit could contain up to 3 batches in them. Use this report to cross reference the deposit with the transactions processed.
  • Chargeback - A chargeback is a disputed transaction, should you have any disputes they will be listed here
  • Retrievals -  This is when a customer does not recognize the transaction, instead of disputing it right away they request information about the transaction -  such as a receipt.
  • Statements - This will list all of your processing statements. This will be a monthly document which lists all of the transactions, all of the batches and all of the fees for your account for the month


In each report you can filter through the data you need to review. You can adjust the dates, the size of transactions, how it was taken, what stage it is in, as well as what type of card was used.

  • You can also adjust the data in the report, should you want to add or remove data points by choosing columns.


With these steps you can access all of the reports within CardPointe. 

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