Understanding On-Demand Data (ODD) in Docket - A Simple Guide

What's New in 2024: ODD Release 1

What is ODD?

Think of On-Demand Data (ODD) like a smart assistant in your software. Instead of loading every single file (like invoices or client details) all at once, which can be slow and overwhelming, ODD brings you only what you need, when you need it. Imagine walking into a huge library and instantly finding the one book you need, rather than searching through every shelf.

  • Before ODD: Loading everything at once - sometimes slow. 
  • With ODD: Loads just what you search for - faster and more efficient.

How Will ODD Roll Out in Docket?

ODD won't change everything at once. It's coming in three steps:

  1. First Release: Focuses on clients, invoices, and contractors.
  2. Second Release: Will include recurring invoices, tasks, and estimates.
  3. Third Release: Covers everything else in Docket.

What Else is Changing?

Along with ODD, we're sprucing up the look and feel of the app. These changes are like tidying up your workspace - nothing major, just making things nicer and easier to use.

Specific Changes Coming with ODD

  • Scheduling and Settings: Better toggles, dropdowns for schedule colors.
  • Searching: Now easier and more intuitive, especially for current clients and tasks.
  • Client and Leads Pages: They now have pagination for easier browsing.
  • Invoices and Contractors: Also using pagination for simplicity.
  • Reports and Account Settings: Slight visual changes for a better experience.
  • Task Scheduler: Improved search functionality.
  • New Features: Including a new way to get dumpster price quotes.

Remember: These changes are all about making your experience smoother and more efficient. We're excited to bring you these improvements and look forward to your feedback!

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